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Hindenburg: Ahota's thunderbolt - BD

Third and last volume of the “Hindenburg” cycle I saga! In this final episode, Himmler's spiritualistic knights are preparing to arrive in the United States aboard the famous airship to convince the American elites in spite of themselves to support the projects of the Third Reich. A pure fiction where various very historical characters intersect.

Ahota's Lightning

1937 Hitler devised a strange ploy to bring down all obstacles to the Third Reich's domination over Europe. His solution? To rally the main military power of the moment, the United States, to its cause. Impossible ? Not if we take it upon ourselves to convince them intimately by hypnotizing them! To do this Himmler forcibly recruited the best mediums and founded a special unit: the spirit knights. The latter must take advantage of a trip by the airship Hindenburg to the other side of the Atlantic to exercise their misdeed.
But if some seek to establish their domination by the supernatural, others are able to use the same forces to counter them. Journalist Diane Hunter has gone in search of the descendants of an old shaman to counter the Führer's plans.

In this third and last episode of the first cycle, the Hindenburg and the spiritualist knights finally take off towards America: it is in the bowels of this monster of the air loaded with highly flammable hydrogen that the intrigue will be unraveled!

Our opinion

This comic is not a historical comic but an adventure comic in a historical context embellished with a good dose of the supernatural. And we must admit: the adventure is waiting for you! From twist to twist, the reader is easily carried away by this dynamic scenario by Patrice Ordas and Patrick Cothias. TieKo's designs are realistic, without being precise. In our presentation of the first volume we underlined the proximity of style with the adventures of Young Indiana Jones: historical context, dynamic scenario, recurrence of the supernatural, German / Nazi wicked (hence a rather Manichean approach opposing Good and Evil) , and a slew of historical figures meeting directly or indirectly the hero (in this case the heroine). So in this third volume we meet Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt and we remain in the shadow of Hitler, Himmler and ... Chaplin ... A nice bunch of personality which gives all its "historical" dimension to the saga but which deserve to be presented in a file at the end of the book. Indeed, as a site advocating historical popularization we would have liked to see at the end of the comic some biographical files presenting these charismatic figures of the interwar period. The latter would allow the neophyte to disentangle what pertains to history from everything that is purely romantic. Knowing that the first volume of the saga included a file of this type, devoted to airships, we can only insist with the Grand Angle editions that they resume this good habit.

Screenplay: Patrice Ordas & Patrick Cothias
Drawings: TieKo
Colors: Sandrine Cordurié
Editions: Wide Angle

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