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The eye of the dobermans: the shadow of dogs - BD

Embark on an adventure worthy of Indiana Jones alongside Professor Ixks, constrained by the nazis to seek for them the proofs that the Aryans would be the ancestors of humanity and therefore indeed a superior race. From Greece to the island of Rhodes, from Syria to the Himalayan range, our archaeologist engages in charming company in an adventure full of twists and turns. A scenario and a drawing very well documented, which at the same time immerse the reader in the context of the interwar period.


Professor and archaeologist Arno Ixks can regret his kindness: during World War I, in the trenches, he saved the life of an Austrian compatriot ... who was none other than Adolf Hitler. Having come to power, the Chancellor of the Reich has found the trail of his savior, he needs him within the Ahnenerbe, a scientific division responsible for legitimizing the theory according to which the Aryans are indeed a superior race, the ancestors of the humanity. Faced with the professor's lack of collaboration, the Nazis took fifty Israelites hostage: friends, acquaintances or students of Ixks ... Forced and forced, he found himself hired in the service of the Führer, to go and recover and study a strange astrolabe in Athens and an ancient Parthian pile in Baghdad before plunging further east on the Himalayan plateau. To accompany him in this adventure, which the British authorities are trying to hinder, the professor is accompanied by the attractive Palden, a half-Aryan, half-Tibetan mixed race, strangely endowed with formidable psychic powers and who will be in charge of monitoring him as much as to protect it.

Our opinion

"The Eye of the Dobermans" takes up all the topos of the adventure film, so fans of Indiana Jones do not risk losing their bearings ... Like Professor Jones, Professor Ixks is a departing archaeologist. 'adventure during the interwar period in a context of relics race initiated by the Nazi pseudo-scientists, like Jones he finds himself in charming female company and occasionally wears the stetson and the jacket, the leather jacket and the satchel and like the latter he finds himself witnessing elements that are at least paranormal. The beautiful and formidable Palden meanwhile would not shock as the spiritual daughter of Lara Croft and Irina Spalko. The hunt for relics in the four corners of the world, with ultimately a complementarity between them to trigger supernatural events is also a great classic, admittedly sometimes not very credible which ultimately always works well in the stories of adventurers.

The context of the adventurer of the interwar period is also all that there is more traditional, but Patrice Orda and Patrick Cothias, the two screenwriters author of the eponymous novel from which the comic comes, shine a times is not customary by their ability to transcribe in watermark the historical context of the adventure: the work of the Ahnenerbe ("Society for research and teaching on the ancestral heritage" whose headquarters was at the castle of Wewelsburg) in the Himalayas, the political impotence of the League of Nations, the French presence in Syria, the return to power in Greece of King George II, the veterans of the Rif war, the airline between Berlin and Baghdad put in place by Lufthansa, the discovery of the "Baghdad pile" (a pseudo-pile from the 3rd century BC discovered by the Austrian archaeologist Wilhelm König) ...

A knowledge of the period that can be found in the Beb Zanat drawings, colored by Cyril Saint-Blancat. Indeed, the style is realistic and detailed, and reflects a real work of prior documentation. Despite a few typos that only a few fans of the period will notice, the graphic result is of very good quality, much higher than what is generally found today in the world of comics. No problem to recognize a German Junker 52, a British Handley Page Hapden, a French Dewoitine 371 ... Of course it is not only a question of airplanes and you will find the same concern for historicity in the drawing of the soldiers of the Foreign Legion or Indian Army, in the design of a Mauser 98K or a C96.

However, make no mistake, this is of course by no means a historical comic! This is an adventure comic making uchronia, although perfectly integrated into the historical context. Riding on a good knowledge of the historical context and para-archeology, the two screenwriters offer us a quality scenario based on a talented designer. An excellent adventure comic, which therefore does not cover historical subjects either as a History comic could have done. However, a few notes at the end of the book on Ahnenerbe, Nazi esotericism or the Baghdad pile would certainly have interested the readers (these are subjects that interest any lover of adventure books) and highlighted by the same occasion the research work of the authors.

Since Indiana Jones obviously inspired this story a lot, there is no doubt that the novels on the mythical adventurer should also inspire the Wide Angle editions: each novel of the adventures of Indiana Jones ends in fact with an afterword, a few notes on the various elements. historical crossed in the adventure and in particular on the Nazis and the occult.

The novel :
- The eye of dobermans

The comics :
- For the glory of the Devil
- The shadow of the dogs

Screenplay: Patrice Ordas & Patrick Cothias
Drawings: Beb Zanat
Colors: Cyril Saint-Blancat
Editions: Bamboo
Collection: Wide Angle

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